Building Emergency Action Plans

We help you plan how to keep people safe during an emergency in your space.

The Building Emergency Action Plan (BEAP) is a document designed to assist building occupants with their emergency planning and response efforts. The BEAP includes but is not limited to:

  • Campus and building specific emergency communication systems
  • Definition of emergency management team members and/or emergency contact lists
  • Evacuation/shelter-in-place/lockdown procedures
  • Concept of operations for various types of emergency situations
  • Training and exercise schedule implementation

What you can do

It’s very likely that your building already has a BEAP. If you have questions about emergency plans for your building, contact your BEAP coordinator. If you don’t know who your BEAP coordinator is, contact us at or 217-333-1216.

For general emergency response guidelines, review our Run, Hide, Fight procedures.

Request BEAP training

Having a BEAP is one thing — but knowing how it works is what’s going to help you most in an emergency. The Emergency Management Department is happy to work with you and stakeholders to provide training on your BEAP and help you make the most of it in the event that you ever need it.

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    Campus building floor plans

    The following building floor plans include icons noting locations of Exits (outside doors on ground floors, stairs up from the basement, and stairs down from upper floors), Storm Refuge Areas, Areas of Rescue Assistance (in buildings that have them), and Evacuation Assembly Areas outside of the buildings.

    Additional resources

    These contacts may help you learn more about how to prepare for an emergency in your building:

    Champaign County 911 Dispatch | Emergency: 911 | Non-emergency: 217-333-8911

    Primary public safety consolidated dispatch center serving Champaign County for all police, fire, and emergency medical service (EMS) response. If you require any type of emergency response, call 911 from a cellular or any landline telephone.

    Code Compliance and Fire Safety

    Coordinates fire and life safety programs and the building and fire code compliance functions for the campus.

    Facilities and Services | 217-333-0340

    Provides maintenance and repair, utility services, construction, engineering, facilities planning and custodial services for University-owned buildings/facilities.

    Division of Research Safety | 217-333-2755

    Assists campus units in identifying and managing biological, chemical and radiological hazards within the campus environment.

    Public Affairs | 217-333-5010

    Determines what information to disseminate to the media before, during, and after an emergency. The Office of Public Affairs will determine, at the time of the incident, who within the building is authorized to disseminate information to the media.