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Protection of Minors

We all have a responsibility to protect minors engaged in programs on our campus.

The university requires that units planning programs designed for minors not enrolled at the university report those activities to the University of Illinois Police Department. Watch the video below, review this Protection of Minors resource page and explore the additional resources and FAQs below to learn more about your reporting requirements.

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Reporting forms

The submitter of any event will need the NetID of the department head or authorized reviewer. Once the department head or authorized reviewer has reviewed the event, they can submit the event directly to the Division of Public Safety compliance coordinator. For the events sponsored or hosted by a university department, the compliance coordinator will verify that the department has plans to comply with the policy. The executive director of public safety will give final approval.

If you have any difficulty entering an event or want to check on the status of an event, you may contact the compliance coordinator.

More information

Frequently asked questions

Q: My department is hiring a minor to work as extra help for the summer. Do we have to complete a protection of minors event form?

A: Yes. A form needs to be completed for minors who are working as extra help for any time period, or even just volunteering, in a university department.

Q: My event is mainly for incoming students who are attending an orientation event. Some of those attending will be under 18. Do I need to complete a protection of minors event form?

A: No. The Campus Administrative Manual lists certain situations that do not apply to the policy, and they are as follows:
•  Regularly scheduled classes or activities designed primarily for enrolled students or individuals accepted for enrollment;
•  Single commercial performances or events open to the general public (such as varsity athletic competitions, or public plays or concerts);
•  Programs placing enrolled students with external entities for the purpose of receiving academic credit and/or completing clinical or student teaching requirements;
•  Research activities that have been approved by the UIUC Institutional Review Board (IRB) with safety protocols in place;
•  University Laboratory School activities;
•  University Primary School activities;
•  The Child Development Lab activities; and
•  University of Illinois Extension program activities.

Q: We are hosting an award reception for the employees in our unit and family members are welcome to attend as well. Employees will be bringing their children with them to the event. Do I need to complete a protection of minors event form?

A: No. The policy is specifically for events that are “designed” — in other words, primarily organized — to include minors. An employee awards reception does not fit that criteria, and the minors that do attend would just have incidental contact with other university employees.

Q: We conduct tours of our facility specifically for grade schools and younger children on a daily basis. Do we have to complete a protection of minors event form?

A: Yes. This is a type of event that is specifically designed for minors. Because it happens on a daily basis, we ask that one form be completed to cover the school semester. If the event happens on a monthly or less frequent basis, an individual form should be completed for each event.

Q: Our department is letting a Registered Student Organization use space inside our building for an event that is designed to include minors. Our department has no control over the event or any personnel on site. Do we need to complete a protection of minors event form?

A: Yes. You may complete the short form for external entities and RSOs. The compliance portion of the form does not need to be completed since the university does not have control of the activity. However, it must be accompanied by a Facilities Use Agreement.

Q: Why do you need cellphone numbers for the two contacts that are listed?

A: The information on these forms is only used by the University of Illinois Police Department and the Office of the Chancellor. In the event of an emergency, it is imperative that we be able to reach someone who is on scene with the minors and at the location of the event.

Q: What kind of liability waivers and forms do I need to host an event involving minors?

A: Please contact the University Office of Risk Management ( or 217-333-3113) for any questions regarding liability waivers and forms. The office has templates that can be used by your department that contain the required information.