Special Events

We work with you to make your event safe for everyone involved.

Campus policy requires that Designated Officials and event coordinators who have reserved university space consult with the Division of Public Safety (DPS) when an event has a substantial likelihood of interfering with campus functions or activities or that is likely to significantly affect campus safety, security, or services (for example, likely to have a large crowd, impact transportation routes, request from organizers, any objective or credible information regarding threats).

Our goal is to make that process easy for you while providing the appropriate public safety resources to help your event proceed smoothly and safely.

Some resources we provide:

  • Extra safety personnel, including police officers, security guards, community service officers and student patrol
  • A security needs assessment to determine what challenges may exist
  • Collaborations with other university offices that may need to provide resources
  • Traffic control when appropriate
  • Investigatory services when appropriate

DPS will determine security needs for events involving University Property based on objective and credible information of specific risks. Applicants requesting use of University property will pay the costs of basic event security. Basic event security consists of DPS presence and related costs necessary to conduct an event absent a disturbance. The university will bear the cost of extraordinary security necessary to protect the larger community.

Get started by completing the contact form on this page. The information will be forwarded to our Special Events team, who will reply with more information about what security services will need to be in place prior to your event.

Special Event Request