Prevention and Response Planning

If anything happens, we’ll be ready.

A core function of the Emergency Management Department is anticipating public safety issues and making plans to prevent, respond to and recover from those emergencies. Emergency Management works with police, fire, EMS, campus stakeholders and community members to make sure we have a good understanding of the challenges and potential issues we face in a campus environment.

Emergency Response Guide

The Emergency Response Guide (ERG) helps you respond quickly when confronted with an emergency — like severe weather, medical emergencies, bomb threats, hazardous materials situations, or if someone is trying to harm others. This guide is meant to serve as a quick reference when you are confronted with an emergency, but it is still important to have a plan ahead of time. Explore our Run-Hide-Fight information for more tips on how to prepare for an emergency.

Campus Emergency Operations Plan

The Campus Emergency Operations Plan (CEOP) is what we use to prepare for and respond to any kind of large-scale emergency on our campus, including both natural and man-made disasters. It outlines specific actions in support of local and Champaign County response and recovery activities.

Campus Violence Prevention Plan

The Campus Violence Prevention Plan (CVPP) standardizes the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign’s efforts to prevent such things as workplace violence, suicide, bullying and sexual assault. It describes multi-disciplinary violence prevention strategies, including the formation of a Campus Violence Prevention Committee and Threat Assessment Team to address aberrant, dangerous or threatening behavior on campus.

Demonstration Response Plan

Demonstrations have long been recognized as an important means of expression and are protected by the First Amendment. This Demonstration Response Plan (DRP) is intended to provide general guidance to our campus community (students, faculty, staff, families, and alumni) concerning our response to demonstrations consistent with our shared priorities and institutional values.

We encourage individuals and groups who plan to use the university as a site for expressive activity to contact the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and/or the University of Illinois Police Department in advance so we can assist in making your event or peaceful demonstration successful and safe.

Building Emergency Action Plans

Emergency Management also coordinates individualized emergency plans for more than 400 campus buildings. You can learn more about these Building Emergency Action Plans, and access resources to respond quickly to an emergency in your space.