Daily Crime Log

We give community members the information they need to look out for themselves and others.

The daily crime log is maintained in accordance with the federal Clery Act and is meant to give you information about crimes reported in the university area during the last 60 days. We maintain the information in a text/PDF format (as required by law), and we also make the information available in a visual format so you can see where the reports are coming from.

Last updated: May 24, 2024

Understanding the crime log

The incidents detailed in this log are provided according to criteria set forth in the federal Clery Act. Not all of these crimes have been reported to the University of Illinois Police Department for the purpose of criminal investigation. Rather, many of these crimes have been reported to university employees known as “campus security authorities” who are obligated by federal law to bring such incidents to the attention of the university police department so the campus community may be notified of ongoing public safety issues. Many crime victims do not want police intervention, and may elect not to pursue a criminal investigation. University resources are always provided to crime victims whether or not they choose to pursue a criminal investigation, and academic disciplinary proceedings may still be initiated against offenders.

Additionally, many of these incidents have been reported to police in other jurisdictions and may be under investigation by those departments.

This electronic version of the daily crime log is provided as a convenience and is updated as frequently as possible. A current version for public viewing is always kept in hard copy at the front desk of the University of Illinois Police Department, located in the Public Safety Building at 1110 W. Springfield Ave., Urbana. If you’re having trouble reading the crime log, please refer to these instructions for reading the crime log.

The fire log is maintained by Campus Code Compliance and Fire Safety at the Physical Plant Services Building, 1501 S. Oak St., Champaign.