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Building Emergency Action Plans

The Building Emergency Action Plan (BEAP) is a document designed to assist building occupants with their emergency planning and response efforts. The BEAP includes but is not limited to:

  • Campus and building specific emergency communication systems
  • Definition of emergency management team members and/or emergency contact lists
  • Evacuation/shelter-in-place/lockdown procedures
  • Concept of operations for various types of emergency situations
  • Training and exercise schedule implementation

For general emergency response guidelines, review our Run, Hide, Fight procedures. For more information or assistance please contact Sherry Wooten at or 217-333-1216.

Need additional help? Building coordinators should visit our list of BEAP resources for information on services available in the event of a building emergency.

Campus Building Floor Plans

The following building floor plans include icons noting locations of Exits (outside doors on ground floors, stairs up from the basement, and stairs down from upper floors), Storm Refuge Areas, Areas of Rescue Assistance (in buildings that have them), and Evacuation Assembly Areas outside of the buildings.

0 – 1500

111 E. Green Street – u0559
505 E. Green Street – u0353
1001 W. Nevada – u0199
1011 W. University Avenue – u1091
1205 W. Oregon – u0224

A – C

Abbott Power Plant – u0120
Activities & Recreation Center – u0118
Advanced Computation Building – u0017
Aeronautical Laboratory A – u0028
Agricultural Bioprocessing Laboratory – u0073
Agricultural Engineering Sciences Building – u0008
Agriculture Services Building – u0326
AITS Building – u0281
Alice Campbell Alumni Center – u0094
Allen Residence Hall – h0142
Altgeld Hall – u0026
Animal Sciences Laboratory – u0165
Animal Sciences Shop & Storage Horse Farm – u0828
Architecture Building – u0050
Armory – u0006
Art and Design Building – u0219
Ashton Woods Apartments Office – h1217
Ashton Woods Apartments – h1218
Ashton Woods Apartments – h1219
Ashton Woods Apartments – h1220
Ashton Woods Apartments – h1221
Ashton Woods Apartments – h1222
Ashton Woods Apartments – h1223
Ashton Woods Apartments – h1224
Ashton Woods Apartments – h1225
Ashton Woods Apartments – h1226
Ashton Woods Apartments – h1227
Ashton Woods Apartments – h1228
Ashton Woods Apartments – h1229
Ashton Woods Apartments – h1230
Astronomy Building – u0300
Atkins Tennis Center – u0360
Atmospheric Sciences Building – u0208
Babcock Hall – h0103
Barton Hall – h0088
Beckman Institute – u0228
Beef Cattle Sheep Field Laboratory – u1146
Bevier Hall – u0158
Bielfeldt Athletic Administration Building – u0379
Blaisdell Hall – h0101
Bousfield Hall – h1252
Building Research Council Building – u0306
Burrill Hall – u0138
Busey Hall – h0111
Business Instructional Facility – b1206
Campbell Hall – u0376
Campus Recreation Center – East-u0364
Carr Hall – h0104
Central Stores & Receiving Building – u0170
Ceramics Building – u0055
Ceramics Kiln House – u0011
Chemistry Annex – u0010
Child Development Laboratory – u0062
Children’s Research Center – u0075
Christopher Hall – u1133
Clark Hall – u0087
Coble Hall – u0130
Computing Applications Building – u0108
Coordinated Science Laboratory – u0148

D – F

Dance Administration Building – u0365
Dance Studio Building – u0268
Daniels Hall – h0181
Davenport Hall – u0001
David Kinley Hall – u0054
Demirjian Golf Practice Facility – u1187
Digital Computer Laboratory – u0210
Early Child Development Laboratory – u1071
ECE Building – u0409
Education Building – u0160
Edward R. Madigan Laboratory – u0336
Engineering Hall – u0015
Engineering Sciences Building – u0174
English Building – u0044
Environmental Health & Safety Building – u0213
Evans Hall – h0115
Everitt Laboratory – u0037
Fire Sub Station – u0556
Flightstar Administration Building – u0674
Foellinger Auditorium – u0007
Food Service Building – FARH-u0297
Food Service Building – ISRH-u0275
Foreign Languages Building – u0172
Freer Hall – u0064
FSI – Classrom & Office-u0294
FSI – Fire Station-u0290
FSI – Learning Resource & Research Center-u1261
Funk – ACES Library-u0377

G – I

Garage & Car Pool – u0201
Gender & Women’s Studies – u0146
Grainger Engineering Library – u0324
Gregory Hall – u0043
Harding Band Building – u0004
Harker Hall – u0025
Henry Administration Building – u0046
Hopkins Residence Hall – h0084
Housing Division Warehouse – u0252
Housing Food Stores – u0217
Housing Maintenance Shop – u0233
Huff Hall – u0058
Hydrosystems Laboratory – u0152
I Hotel & Conference Center – u1214
Ice Arena – u0014
Illini Hall – u0065
Illini Union Bookstore – u0106
Illinois Sustainability Technology Center – u0206
Imported Swine Research – u0912
Institute for Genomic Biology – u1080
International Studies Building – u0369

J – L

Krannert Art Museum – u0220
La Casa Cultural Latina – u0195
Law Building – u0156
Library Information Sciences Building – u0331
Lincoln Avenue Residence Hall – LARH-h0141
Lincoln Hall – u0027
Loomis Laboratory of Physics – u0067
Lundgren Hall – h0086

M – O

Mailing Center – u0178
Materials Science & Engineering Building – u0034
Meat Science Laboratory – u0171
Mechanical Engineering Building – u0112
Mechanical Engineering Laboratory – u0029
Medical Sciences Building – u0192
Micro and Nanotechnology Laboratory – u0237
Milking Parlor – Lincoln Avenue Dairy – u0934
Mumford Hall – u0069
Music Building – u0039
National Soybean Research Center – u0124
Native American House – u0568
Natural History Building – u0032
Natural Resources Building – u0109
NCSA Building – u0564
Nesbitt African American Cultural Center – u0173
Newmark Civil Engineering Building – u0024
Noyes Laboratory of Chemistry – u0012
NPCF Building – u1244
Nuclear Engineering Laboratory – u0117
Nuclear Physics Laboratory – u0110
Nuclear Radiation Laboratory – u0048
Nugent Hall – h1248
Oak Street Library Facility – u1096
Oglesby Hall – FARH-h0296
Orchard Downs Apartments – h0240
Orchard Downs Community Building – u0249
Orchard Downs Laundry Building North – u0230
Orchard Downs Laundry Building South – u0236

P – R

Pennsylvania Lounge Building – PARH-h0105
Police Training Institute – Tactical Training Center-u0277
Police Training Institute – u0358
Poultry Rooster – u1238
President’s House – u0100
Printing Building – u0222
Psychology Building – u0076
Public Safety Annex – u1114
Public Safety Building – u0323
Richmond Studio – u0551
Roger Adams Laboratory – u0116

S – U

Saunders Hall – h0102
School of Labor & Industrial Relations – u0218
School of Social Work – u1241
Scott Residence Hall – h0079
Seitz Materials Research Laboratory – u0066
Sherman Hall – Single Graduate Housing-h0291
111 E. Green Street – u0559
Siebel Center for Computer Science – u0563
Smith Memorial Hall – u0060
Snyder Residence Hall – h0078
Special Materials Storage Facility – u0372
Speech and Hearing Clinic – u0209
Speech Language Pathology Clinic & Chesterbrook Academy – u1213
Spurlock Museum – u0373
Student Dining and Residential Programs Building – h1247
Student Services Arcade Building – u0071
Student-Staff Apartments – Goodwin & Green #1-h0136
Student-Staff Apartments – Goodwin & Green #2-h0137
Superconductivity Center – u0095
Surveying Building – u0059
Swanlund Administration Building – u0193
Swine Research Headquarters – u1030
Taft Hall – h0092
Talbot Laboratory – u0013
Technology Plaza – u1083
Temple Hoyne Buell Hall – u0339
Townsend Hall – ISRH-h0273
Transportation Building – u0042
Trelease Hall – FARH-h0295
Turner Hall – u0197
Turner Student Services Building – u0188
Ubben Basketball Practice Facility – u0257
Undergraduate Library – u0099
University Archives Research Center – u0068
University High School – u0061
University Library – u0041
Urban Outfitters Building – u1262

V – Z

Van Doren Hall – h0091
Veterinary Medicine Basic Sciences Building – u0350
Veterinary Teaching Hospital – u0292
Wardall Hall – ISRH-h0272
Waste Transfer & Material Recovery Facility – u0270
Water Survey Research Center Building #1 – u1104
Water Survey Research Center Building #2 – u0289
Water Survey Research Center Building #3 – u1106
Water Survey Research Center Building #4 – u1107
Water Survey Research Center Building #5 – u1108
Water Survey Research Center Building #6 – u1109
Water Survey Research Center Building #7 – u1110
Water Survey Research Center Building #8 – u1111
Water Survey Research Center Building #9 – u1112
Water Survey Shop & Equipment Building #11 – u1139
Water Survey Warehouse Building #10 – u1026
Weston Residence Hall – h0080
Willard Airport – Airport Rescue and Firefighting-u0677
Willard Airport – Commercial Airport Terminal Building-u0675
Willard Airport – Control Tower-u0652
Willard Airport – Institute of Aviation Administration Building-u0676
Wohlers Hall – b0159
Wood Engineering Laboratory – u0183