Window project features awareness message for June

CHAMPAIGN, Illinois — The Division of Public Safety’s secondary office on Green Street is featuring a Gun Violence Awareness Month message for April.

Team ENOUGH Illini, a Registered Student Organization, completed the design and installation. The Division of Public Safety partners with campus organizations to feature public safety-related messages on the front of its office at 505 E. Green St., Champaign. The area is a popular spot for students.

The prevention of gun violence, especially in the Campustown area, is a focal point for the University of Illinois Police Department throughout the year. The department has introduced new technology to prevent and identify illegal gun issues in the campus area, and has made arrests of people who illegally possess guns.

Although our local police departments’ recent strategies have shown success, gun violence remains a pervasive issue throughout the country. Gun Violence Awareness Month is intended to highlight these issues and emphasize the need for community-based solutions.

Team ENOUGH Illini is a chapter of the larger Team ENOUGH network, that will serve to educates members about gun violence and take action to combat gun violence. Team ENOUGH Illini will serve as a group to mobilize students on campus to educate the community about gun violence, including but not limited to discussing under-reported shootings, mass shootings, and access to guns/gun control.

Partner with us!

If you are a member of a campus-affiliated organization and want your safety-related message featured on our window, send an email with your contact information, your affiliation and your idea to

We try to plan our window messages at least a couple months in advance — so the sooner you can get your idea to us, the better!