A smiling group of Division of Public Safety employees pose for a photo with the Illini Union in the background.

At your service.

The Division of Public Safety empowers you to take control of your safety.

Keeping you informed.

An informed campus is a safer campus. The Division of Public Safety is transparent about public safety issues so you have the knowledge you need to stay safe. We issue campus alerts and safety notices; regular updates on our activities; and crime reports and statistics so you know what’s going on.

Recent News


Our Community Outreach and Support Team works to educate and engage the community with tools to stay safe and promote a beneficial relationship with the police.


The Division of Public Safety is introducing new resources to address unique challenges on campus. The REACH initiative is a true co-responder model to address mental health emergencies.


What makes us unique is what sets us apart. Our police officers and non-sworn staff share many interests and motivations that help them connect with community on and off the job.

Our commitment.

Our mission is to promote a safe and secure environment where education, research and public service can flourish. Our vision is to be a leader in policing and public service and to strengthen our position as an integral part of the university and extended community. Our values are founded in the ideal of community-based public safety.


We are committed to the administration of law and order based on the constitutional idea of justice where every person will be treated with dignity and fairness. We value our duty in safeguarding constitutional rights in serving and protecting our community.


We value human life, safety, and dignity and are committed to treating all persons with the utmost respect, compassion, and concern. As a foundation of our Division, we hold an attitude of respect, embracing the protection of worth, dignity, and the rights of those we serve.


We seek to enhance our community’s confidence in us as public safety resource providers, and we value the community’s feedback on everything that we do. We build this trust by cultivating genuine relationships with the people we serve and through our unwavering commitment to transparency.


We value candor, honesty, and ethical behavior in our members and the trust of our community, holding ourselves accountable to the highest degree.


We seek opportunities to engage with individuals who have varied experiences, ideas and viewpoints, and we incorporate diverse perspectives into our philosophies as they make us stronger as an organization and as public servants.