University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Police Report

    Police Report        


A U. of I. student reported that his headphones had been stolen between Friday and Sunday. It is not known where or how the $200 headphones were stolen. GPS tracking information showed they had been taken to a residence on Magnolia Drive, Champaign.

An employee of a restaurant in the 300 block of East Green Street, Champaign, reported that someone had damaged a restaurant-owned phone and trash can at 10:53 p.m. Saturday. The offender was reportedly unhappy with the restaurant’s service.

It was reported that a U. of I. student was sexually assaulted between 4:06-5:29 a.m. Sunday. The exact location of the incident is unknown but is thought to be in the campus area. It was reported that the student was walking away from Sherman Hall, 909 S. Fifth St., Champaign, when she encountered a man who led her inside a building and committed the sexual assault. The offender is not a person known to the student. The investigation is ongoing.

A minor reported that someone shoved him and took his car keys at 9:10 p.m. Saturday near Third and John streets, Champaign. The teenager had been with the offender socially for more than an hour prior to the incident. Police contacted the youth’s parent, who owns the vehicle and requested that it be towed as a precaution. The teenager was listed as a missing person out of Florida, and police arranged for him to stay in a local hotel room for the night.

Yahshua N. Tapia, 19, and Kevin I. Moysen, 18, both of Crystal Lake, Illinois, were arrested at 11:56 p.m. Friday for unlawful use of a license and obstructing a police officer. Tapia additionally was arrested for battery. Police initially were called by an employee of a bar in the 200 block of East Green Street, Champaign, who reported that Tapia had spit on the employee as staff were attempting to remove him from the business. Tapia attempted to walk away from an officer while detained. Shortly thereafter, Moysen approached and opened the police car door where Tapia was in custody. Moysen and Tapia denied knowing each other, but police determined that Moysen had attempted to use Tapia’s driver’s license earlier in the night to enter the bar.

A U. of I. student reported that a package had been stolen between 11:30-11:40 a.m. Sunday after it was delivered to the mail area of her apartment in the 0-100 block of East John Street, Champaign. The package has a retail value of $71.92.

A construction manager reported that multiple signs and construction barricades had been stolen between Sept. 30 and Thursday from a construction site at Fifth and Chalmers streets, Champaign. The total estimated value of the stolen items is $120.

It was reported that a U. of I. student was sexually assaulted in the early morning Friday at a fraternity house in Champaign. The offender is not a person known to the victim.

On Wednesday, it was reported that a vehicle was damaged Oct. 8 while it was parked near Kirby Avenue and Oak Street, Champaign. An estimated cost to repair the damage was not provided.

At 6:40 p.m. Friday near Sixth and Green streets, Champaign, Christopher S. Pope, 34, of Champaign, was issued a state of Illinois notice to appear in court for theft. A police officer recognized Pope and was aware that she had been identified as the person who allegedly stole clothing items from a package delivered Oct. 11 to the mail area of an apartment in the 0-100 block of East Green Street, Champaign.


Please note: Those arrested are presumed innocent until proved guilty, and formal charges may change as cases are adjudicated. For more information about the incidents listed here, please contact the U. of I. Police Department at 217-333-1216 or