Team-focused detective announced as UIPD’s newest sergeant

URBANA — Detective Gene Moore will start serving the campus community in a new role soon.

Police Chief Jeff Christensen has announced that Moore was selected as the University of Illinois Police Department’s newest sergeant.

Moore started as a police officer at UIPD in 2001, and has spent the last seven years as a detective. He began his career in law enforcement as a correctional officer at the Champaign County Sheriff’s Office.

“Throughout his career with UIPD, Detective Moore has demonstrated an exemplary work ethic and dedication to the values of justice, respect, and integrity,” Christensen said. “His work within the detective bureau, including casework shared with the Champaign Police detectives, has involved multiple major cases requiring diligence, tact and the ability to work in a team environment.”

Moore said he originally got into law enforcement to help people — something he has done often as a detective and which he plans to continue in his new role.

He also was drawn to law enforcement because most days are never the same, he said.

“It is always changing — the laws, the people, you name it,” he said. “Our job is not boring.”

That variety is exemplified in the spectrum of cases he has worked over the years.

“There are many moments over the years that are memorable, but not any one case,” Moore said. “I’ve enjoyed being able to help any number of sexual assault survivors get the services they need, and solving the puzzles that put the bad guys in the clink.”

Detective Moore’s first day as Sgt. Moore is Sunday.