Student Patrol program hiring

URBANA – The Student Patrol program, which provides free SafeWalks at night and other services, is hiring.

The program is looking for qualified students who want to help keep their fellow campus community members safe and learn more about CPR, first aid, self-defense and bystander intervention, among other things. The position is paid and is excellent training for students looking to enter criminal justice as a career – although an interest in a law enforcement career is by no means required for the job.

“While patrolling campus they are extra eyes and ears for police and other first responders,” said Security Coordinator Ryan Johnson. “Equipped with a police radio and dressed in a reflective uniform vest, they look for suspicious activity, criminal activity, conduct campus building checks looking for unsecure doors/windows, look for campus lighting issues, check and monitor all our outdoor emergency phone systems and conduct SafeWalk escorts, free of charge, to any and all faculty, staff or students on campus.”

Student Patrol has been a visible part of campus nightlife since 1983, and the popular SafeWalks program began in 1994. In addition to other duties, Student Patrol officers also provide the first response to noise complaints near campus to help with police officers’ call load and they help with pedestrian and vehicle traffic at campus athletic events, concerts, and other special events.

A small number – about five to 10 percent — of Student Patrol officers are seeking to enter law enforcement as a career, making their work valuable training and experience. Many University of Illinois Police officers are former Student Patrol officers, including Police Chief Jeff Christensen.

Visit our employment page for more information about how to apply for the job.