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Police Department - University of Illinois at Urbana - Champaign

University of Illinois Police Department

Talk to a Safety Expert

Need to talk to someone about a specific safety situation? Contact the expert below.

Media requests: Communications Director Patrick Wade
Theft: Det. Robert Murphy
Sexual assault: Sgt. Gene Moore or Det. Rachael Ahart
Alcohol safety and DUI: Officer Ryan Snow
Drugs and narcotics: Lt. Joe McCullough
Residence hall safety: Det. Robert Murphy
Internet scams: Lt. Barb Robbins
Fraternity/Sorority safety: Det. Robert Murphy
Office safety: Lt. Todd Short
Personal safety: Det. Robert Murphy
Cultural houses: Lt. Barb Robbins
Emergency preparedness: Lt. Todd Short
Behavioral and mental health: Lt. Joe McCullough
Active shooter response: Sgt. Aaron Landers
Athletics and special events: Lt. Barb Robbins
Clery compliance: Compliance Coordinator Jennifer Payan
Drones: Lt. Joe McCullough