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Police Department - University of Illinois at Urbana - Champaign

University of Illinois Police Department

Safety Classes & Programs

Learn personal crime prevention strategies to reduce your chance of being targeted by a criminal.

Below is a list of classes and presentations offered by our safety experts. To request an officer to speak to your group, complete the presentation request form at least three weeks in advance of your program. While we work to accommodate requests, we are sometimes limited by staffing. For more information or to schedule a program, please call 217-333-1216 or complete our presentation request form.

Community Police Academy

The Community Police Academy is an opportunity for you to learn about police operations, investigations, crime prevention and specialized units like K-9, bomb squad and SWAT, and it culminates with a police ride along so you can learn more about what officers do. The Community Police Academy is about building bridges and forming relationships around our common goal of keeping everyone safe.
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New Employee and Student Orientations

This program is offered to any organization who wishes to provide safety and crime prevention information to any new employees or students. Currently our department is involved in the summer orientation for all incoming freshman. However, some units may have specialized orientation sessions in which they would like to have a more in-depth view of safety on campus.

Residence Hall Security Program

Information covered includes the types of problems that can occur in residence halls, along with safety and security tips for residence hall living.

General Overview of Campus Crime

This program is an introduction to public safety issues common to college campuses. This program covers the most common types of problems we have on the campus, tips on how to avoid being targeted by a criminal and resources available through local police departments.

The Law and You

This program covers how to interact with law enforcement officials and offers guidelines particularly useful for middle and high school students, international students and college students.

Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety

The bicycle and pedestrian safety program focuses on proper fit for bikes, rules of the road and riding techniques for campus and the surrounding area as well as laws that pertain to pedestrians.
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De-escalating Communication

Once referred to as “verbal Judo,” positive communication skills can help to de-escalate situations that may not require police intervention. This is an important safety skill for all staff and students who work with the public.

Office Safety and Security

This program provides safety and security tips for your office or personal workspace. Learn how to avoid becoming a target of thieves and how to respond should you ever find yourself in an emergency situation.

Firearms Safety

The University of Illinois Police Department wants its campus community members who choose to own firearms at home to do so safely. The Faculty-Staff Firearms Safety Program gives those community members a chance to learn from trained police officers how to safely handle, store and use firearms.
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