Police step up traffic enforcement on Windsor Road

URBANA – University of Illinois Police plan to step up traffic enforcement on Windsor Road immediately south of campus following an informal study of speeds along that stretch of road.

U. of I. Police Lt. Joe McCullough said police officers on routine patrols began noting that motorists were routinely traveling at speeds of 50 to 70 mph, and even a few measured close to 80 mph. The posted speed limit on Windsor Road is 45 mph.

Paired with nicer weather, that creates a very dangerous situation.

“It’s unnerving, especially because we’re now seeing a particularly high amount of runners and bicyclists along the shoulder of Windsor Road,” McCullough said. “We want to prevent any potential for accidents.”

Police began increased enforcement this week on Windsor Road between Race Street in Urbana and Neil Street in Champaign, and they plan to continue until speeds are reduced. Officers are positioning their vehicles in highly-visible areas.

“We’re not hiding,” McCullough said. “We’re going to ticket violators, but our goal is not to write a whole bunch of tickets. We just want people to slow down.”

Police are reminding motorists that, along that stretch of road, a ticket for speeds in excess of 70 mph require that the driver appear in court, and drivers may be charged with a Class B misdemeanor.