Patrols result in four DUI arrests, loaded gun recovered

CHAMPAIGN, Illinois – Four men were arrested in separate incidents near campus over the weekend for driving under the influence of alcohol, one of whom was illegally carrying a loaded gun in his car and another who had previous convictions for the same offense.

It’s another indication that University Police are being diligent in their attention to impaired driving as it presents a serious risk to the safety of the campus community.

Myles A. Glover-Napper, 26, of Champaign, was arrested at 2:48 a.m. Friday near Wright and Clark streets, Urbana, for driving under the influence of alcohol and illegal possession of cannabis in a motor vehicle. Glover-Napper’s vehicle initially was stopped because he was driving at night without headlights. Police found cannabis in Glover-Napper’s pants pocket while they were searching him due to the arrest. He provided a breath-alcohol sample of 0.142 – well above the legal limit of 0.08.

Delano M. Richardson, 20, of Champaign, was arrested at 2:56 a.m. Saturday near Third and Healey streets, Champaign, for driving under the influence of alcohol. Richardson’s vehicle initially was stopped because its headlights and one taillight were not illuminated. He provided a breath sample of 0.153, nearly twice the legal limit.

Bryan Olivar-Cortes, 21, of Champaign, was arrested at 11:20 p.m. Saturday near Fourth Street and Springfield Avenue, Champaign, for driving under the influence of alcohol, aggravated unlawful use of a weapon and improper lane usage. Olivar-Cortes’ vehicle initially was stopped after he proceeded straight through an intersection from a left-turn-only lane. An officer found a loaded handgun in the glove compartment. Olivar-Cortes does not have a concealed carry permit. He provided a breath sample of 0.134.

Paul E. Craig Jr., 47, of Champaign, was arrested at 2:47 a.m. Sunday near First and White streets, Champaign, for aggravated driving under the influence of alcohol, driving with a revoked license, operating an uninsured vehicle and improper lane usage. Craig’s vehicle initially was stopped after police observed it repeatedly crossing the center lane line. He provided a breath sample of 0.133. The arresting officer considered previous convictions and Craig’s revoked license to be aggravating factors in the arrest.

“We can’t relent in our enforcement of drunken driving violations,” said University Police Chief Alice Cary. “This is critical prevention work that saves the lives of our campus community members. A vehicle with a drunken driver behind the wheel is a deadly weapon that we need to get off the street.”

In addition to the more serious driving under the influence offenses, University Police were active in stopping several U. of I. students who were carrying open alcohol on public streets and sidewalks. University Police have also been checking Campustown bars for underage drinking violations.

Typically, University Police have not been active in writing tickets for alcohol-related ordinance violations like public possession or underage possession of alcohol. However, the renewed activity in alcohol enforcement comes as University Police prepare to assume primary jurisdiction of an off-campus portion of Campustown previously served by the Champaign Police Department. The change officially takes effect on Oct. 1.

This new area is home to a number of bars, and alcohol is often a factor in police calls for service. Part of the strategy to protect community members in this area is to preempt issues of overconsumption of alcohol, which can lead to issues like fights, traffic accidents and other dangerous situations.

University Police receive no revenue from fines, as tickets are written under the ordinances of Champaign or Urbana.

Please note, those arrested are presumed innocent until proved guilty, and formal charges may change as cases are adjudicated.