Fake police investigation

A University of Illinois student reported being contacted by someone claiming to be from ITALK-BB phone company, who said her information was used to open a phone line in China involved in a scam. She was then connected to supposed Chinese authorities, who accused her of involvement in a scam that defrauded people out of seven million yen (about one million U.S. dollars) and resulted in a death. They claimed an arrest warrant was issued, showed her a photo of herself and knew her Chinese ID or passport number. During the video “interrogation,” the student gave the scammers most of her personally identifiable information. Under threat of arrest and deportation, the student checked in with the scammers almost daily and was coerced into transferring $50,000 to a Busey Bank account. Realizing it was a scam after being asked for a second transfer, police were contacted, and the student discontinued contact with the scammers.