Annual Security and Fire Safety Report

Fire Safety Equipment 

Fire equipment saves lives. Tampering with smoke detectors, intentionally causing false fire alarms, hanging items from sprinkler heads, propping fire and smoke doors open, discharging a fire extinguisher, or tampering with other safety equipment could result in personal tragedy and, additionally, criminal charges, fines, university disciplinary action, and/or termination of a resident’s Housing contract.


Do not hang anything on or from sprinkler heads: this can cause unnecessary water discharge and you could be held liable for damage to university and private property. 

Fire Extinguishers 

Fire extinguishers will be charged, available, and operable at all times. Tampering with fire extinguishers is a serious offense and could lead to your dismissal from the university. 

Smoke Detectors 

Smoke detectors save lives. Students must submit a Request for Services to the area/hall office to report a damaged or faulty smoke detector. Only residence hall staff may disconnect smoke detectors; the building maintenance inspector will replace damaged or faulty detectors. Any resident who disconnects, covers, or otherwise tampers with a smoke detector will be assessed a $250 fine and referred to the university discipline system. There is a $120 minimum charge for tampering with a smoke detector in a central area. Also, state law provides that tampering with, removing, or destroying a smoke detector is a Class A misdemeanor. This equipment is in place for residents’ safety and for that of neighboring rooms. Residents who tamper with fire equipment will be referred for disciplinary action and/or residence hall contract termination.

Self-Closing Hinges 

All residents’ rooms, floors, and outside security doors are fitted with self-closing hinges. These mechanisms help prevent the rapid spread of fire by ensuring doors are properly closed. Residents may not remove these hinges from doors. 

Fire Alarms and Fire Drills 

For resident safety in residence halls, a fire drill will be conducted early in each semester. Therefore, there are at least two fire drills each calendar year. See the Fire Drill chart for more details for each on-campus housing structure.

Inspection, testing and maintenance of fire protection systems and equipment 

The University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Housing Facilities Department administers this element of the campus fire safety program with support from Facilities and Services, Residential Life, Dining, and fire protection contractors. All fire protection systems and equipment in the residence halls are tested, inspected, and maintained using guidance from applicable National Fire Protection Association standards.