Annual Security and Fire Safety Report

Illini Center emergency response and evacuation procedures 

As a part of the comprehensive emergency operation plan for the university, the Illini Center has developed a Building Emergency Action Plan that will be used by Illini Center personnel in the event of an emergency or for emergency training purposes. In the event of an evacuation of the building, occupants will be directed where to go by emergency personnel or Office of the Building officials. Building users should go where directed and wait for an “all clear” message, which will be given by emergency personnel. If an evacuation is ordered, but a direct location is not given by building officials or emergency personnel, occupants should go to the Illini Center designated meeting location.

Regularly scheduled drills, exercises, and follow-through activities are conducted at the Illini Center annually. All tests are documented with description of the exercise, date, time, and whether announced or unannounced. Appropriate after-action reports are completed. After-action reports detail lessons learned, and follow-up items are identified with responsibilities assigned to appropriate entities. The university’s Campus Emergency Operations Plan, which is compliant with the Illinois Campus Security Enhancement Act, is posted on the Division of Public Safety website to be used in conjunction with Illini Center exercises. The Illini Center conducts an annual test, which may be announced or unannounced, centering on procedures to test the Illini Center’s emergency response and evacuation procedures. A follow-up communication to the Illini Center community will publicize the results of this test.

How you will know to shelter in place 

Shelter-in-place procedures, basic shelter-in-place guidance and how to shelter in place are found in the Part I section titled “Shelter-in-place procedures” under “Campus safety.”

A shelter-in-place notification may come from several sources, including the Office of the Building, University Police (via the Illini-Alert emergency notification system), the Office of Public Affairs, other university employees, or other authorities utilizing the university’s emergency communications tools.

How to shelter in place 

If an incident occurs where sheltering-in-place is the best option, follow these steps unless it is not safe to do so, or you are instructed otherwise by emergency personnel:

  1. Once aware of the emergency, seek or remain in a location deemed safe from the affected area. 
  2. Once within a safe area, attempt to secure the space in whatever reasonable manner is applicable. 
  3. Stay in the area of safety and remain quiet, unless making noise would be beneficial to your safety (i.e., rescue or recovery). 
  4. Stay away from objects which may lead to an injury. 
  5. Do not leave the area of safety until you are notified that the emergency is no longer a threat to personal safety.