Annual Security and Fire Safety Report

Security of and access to campus facilities 

The Illini Center campus is at 200 S. Wacker Drive, Chicago. The University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign leases space on the 19th floor in this commercial office building in the heart of downtown Chicago. The building is open to the general public but has monitored access control. The Office of the Building provides 24-hour on-site security. Access into space controlled by the Illini Center is strictly controlled with key card access or visitor log/check-in pass. Building elevators are locked between 6 p.m. and 6 a.m. daily. The security staff is not affiliated with the University of Illinois.

Maintenance of campus facilities 

The facility and landscaping are maintained in a manner that minimizes hazardous conditions. Illini Center staff regularly survey space under the university’s control and reports malfunctioning lights and other unsafe physical conditions to the building’s on-site management team for correction. Other members of the university community are helpful when they report equipment problems to the Illini Center staff.

Security awareness and crime prevention programs 

Given the strong building access controls and 24-hour-per-day security provided by the Office of the Building, safety and security programs at the Illini Center are limited to training students and employees on access procedures. Students may also take advantage of crime prevention and security awareness programs available on the Urbana-Champaign main campus.

Emergency notification procedure 

When a serious incident occurs that causes an immediate threat to the Illini Center, the first responders to the scene are usually members of the Chicago Police Department, Chicago Fire Department, and/or ambulance services and they typically respond and work together to manage the incident. Depending on the size, scale and seriousness of the incident, various university departments and other local or state or federal agencies could also be involved in responding to the incident. In addition, Office of the Building officials work in cooperation and communicate with Illini Center staff when situations reported to them may warrant an emergency response from the university.

The entire building is equipped with a mass notification system which will sound during an emergency to inform all occupants of the situation and provide instructions regarding how to proceed.

Upon learning from the Office of the Building, the Chicago Police, or other sources of a situation that poses a verified, imminent, or ongoing potential threat to the safety, security, or health of students or employees at the Illini Center, an Emergency Notification will be issued to expedite emergency response and/or evacuation procedures. The goal of an Emergency Notification is to notify as many people as possible, as rapidly as possible, with adequate follow-up information as needed. Follow-up information will be available via use of the Illini-Alert Emergency Notification system (use of text, email, web alert, X (formerly Twitter), and Facebook) on a case-by-case basis. If follow-up information is critical to members of the larger community, it may be disseminated using additional mechanisms at the discretion of the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Executive Director of Public Safety or designee. Additional mechanisms may include public media outlets, 217-265-UIPD and/or the telephone alert directory. Emergency Notifications are issued for incidents such as an active threat, major hazardous materials release, major fire, infectious disease outbreak, or a tornado that would directly impact the Illini Center. The process and approvals for issuing an emergency notification for the Illini Center are identical to those of the main campus found in the section of Part I titled “Crime notices and emergency notification,” under “Campus Safety.”