Captains bring experience, perspective to new roles

URBANA – The University of Illinois Police Department on Sunday will make two high-level promotions to fill spots left vacant by a retirement and an overall reorganization of the department.

Lieutenants Anthony Brown and Matt Myrick will move into new positions as Captains. The two have been with UIPD for more than 20 years each, and Police Chief Jeff Christensen said they each bring a vast amount of experience and knowledge into their new roles.

Brown started as a police officer in 1989 and will begin Sunday as Captain of Administration. He has served as a field-training officer, SWAT commander and was responsible for coordinating the effort to make UIPD the first university police department to earn ILEAP accreditation from the Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police. Brown has received multiple awards and community recognitions.

Myrick started as a police officer at UIPD in 1995 with previous experience as a dispatcher, Rantoul Police officer, and Vermilion County Sheriff’s Office deputy. He will begin Sunday as Captain of Operations.

Myrick worked with others at UIPD to lead and assist in the development of the narcotics unit, which itself led to the “highly-effective team and community-based” street crime and targeted response unit, Christensen said. He has served as a patrol commander and as commander of the detective bureau, and has experience as a field-training officer, investigator and a member of the FBI’s safe streets task force. Myrick, a past Officer of the Year, has received multiple awards and community recognitions.

The vacancies were created, in part, by the recent retirement of Capt. Roy Acree, who left UIPD at the end of April after 27 years. Christensen called Acree a key leader at the department and “a shining example” for police officers everywhere.

One of the positions was created under the department’s new organizational structure, which Christensen said should put UIPD in a good position to handle the continuing evolution of the department. The new structure adheres to the best practices for management and ensures effective succession as the department plans for a number of high-level retirements during the next few years.

“The bottom line is getting us to where we should be for continued growth and success,” Christensen said. “I have no doubt that our two new captains will bring a huge amount of experience and perspective to their new leadership roles and continue to set a great community-based tone for UIPD.”