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Campustown Business Resources

We offer resources for Campustown business owners to keep themselves, their employees and their properties safe.

Long-exposure image of Campustown sign on viaduct on Green Street as light is captured from vehicles moving along the street. Businesses are visible along the street in the background.

University of Illinois Police patrol and respond to calls in off-campus areas of the Campustown business district. We are deeply invested in the safety of Campustown, as that’s where many of our students, faculty and staff live and enjoy their free time.

Here are some things that Campustown business owners can do to prevent crime and work with police to stay safe:

  • Sign up for Illini-Alert text messages, and encourage your employees to do the same. Anyone can sign up by texting “IlliniAlert” to 226787.
  • Register your security cameras with the Champaign Police Department. This helps police to quickly access contact information for camera owners who may be able to provide footage the assist with a criminal investigation.
  • Report issues immediately. Business owners and employees are the eyes and ears of Campustown. Sometimes, officers’ ability to take enforcement action is limited when an issue is reported after the fact. Proactively providing information to police helps immensely. You can always do so by calling 911 for crimes in progress or 217-333-8911 for non-emergency situations.
  • Maintain up-to-date lists of people banned from your business, and have documentation ready to present. Having documentation of previous contacts with individuals banned from your business assists police in taking action when that person returns.

If you have anything you’d like to discuss with us, you can call 217-333-1216 or send a message directly to UIPD command staff.

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