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Who We Are

The University of Illinois Police Department works to further the university’s academic mission by providing a safe place where our students, faculty and staff can excel academically and professionally.

UIPD officers

The University of Illinois Police Department is a 24-hour operation, 365 days a year. Our officers have full police authority just like any other police department. UIPD is fully accredited, and we offer all the traditional police services — but unlike traditional police departments, those services are uniquely tailored to meet the needs of our university in a community-based manner meant to improve and maintain a healthy climate and quality of campus life.

Our Patrol operations are the backbone of that effort. The most basic service any police department can provide is a quick response when someone calls 911. Our patrol officers do that and more. They are the first to respond when anyone needs an officer, and their careful documenting and monitoring of criminal activity in our area provides the foundation investigators and crime prevention experts need to take public safety one step further. In addition to responding to in-progress emergencies and other calls, their proactive policing efforts are what drives our community-based philosophy.

All police officers, and particularly those in the Community Outreach and Support Team (C.O.A.S.T.), work not only to stop crime, but also in an educational capacity to empower individuals to take care of themselves and others. Those efforts are particularly important on a college campus, where students may be away from home for the first time and experiencing a new environment. Along with new safety challenges, college students are prone to experiencing an elevated level of mental stress. Through C.O.A.S.T., the department offers educational programming to keep student safe, as well as behavioral and crisis support.

In addition to identifying and arresting criminal offenders, detectives in our Investigations division provide services adapted for a college campus. Detectives are specially trained to support and care for survivors of sexual assault, as well as investigate other crimes of a violent nature. When crime does happen, it is our goal to identify and apprehend offenders as quickly as possible.

Staff members in Emergency Management work full-time to ensure every university facility is prepared for otherwise unimaginable emergencies. It is only through this kind of preparation and ongoing training for evolving conditions that our campus can react quickly in extraordinary situations which occur with alarming frequency throughout the country.

Compliance staff members work in an ongoing effort to maintain campus compliance with mandates set forth in legislation like the Clery Act, Violence Against Women Act, Title IX, Preventing Sexual Violence in Higher Education Act, protection of minors and many other federal and state laws that regulate university procedures. These experts are specially trained in interpreting very complex statutes which would subject the university to significant penalties if it were to fall or remain out of compliance.

This balance of police services aims to further our department’s mission to provide a safe and secure university environment where academics, research and public service can flourish.