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Response to Active Threats


This training, provided by University Police members of the METRO and Crisis Intervention Team, is a half- or full-day training for units and/or departments that addresses the dynamics of active threat situations.  The the presentation includes a historical review of past incidents and describes mental health issues, teaching participants how to spot potential indicators of concerning behaviors. The course will also cover what to expect from the police in the event of an incident along with actions individuals can take in response.  

We currently have an open enrollment session for faculty and staff members. The course is held at ILEAS, 1701 E. Main Street, Urbana, IL. Registration is required.

November 24, 2014, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Click HERE to register.

No dates work? Please click here to sign up for the waiting list.

Once individual units have staff and faculty who have been through the course, they can schedule an on-site strategic survey. The on-site takes 4-hours.

Response to this training has been very positive, as it provides participants with an understanding as to how they can appropriately react to someone in crisis and what to do if the situation becomes dangerous.

Sgt. Landers instructing the Active Threat Response Course.For questions related to this presentation, please contact the trainers at DPS-ATR@illinois.edu.


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