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Three Minutes to Live

On average, it takes three minutes for police to respond to an active shooter situation.

Three Minutes to Live is a class that provides valuable tools and information for you to survive that kind of emergency in a place of employment, school or community setting.

Learn how to identify and report behaviors before they become deadly and develop a realistic plan in case someone tries to hurt you. The eight-hour class culminates with a practical scenario.

Three Minutes to Live was created out of necessity to train people to respond to active threat situations. In 2008, Sergeant Aaron Landers, an expert in effective response to active threat situations, and Officer Brian Tison, an expert in police response to people with mental illness, identified a need to combine the mental health and the response aspects of active shooter situations into a unified training, which has come into high-demand over the years.

The active threat response training can be tailored to fit the needs and schedule of the people interested. Traditionally, the class has been an eight-hour course that includes an instructional period, a building walk-through to identify places of safety or concern, and a practical demonstration that puts you into a realistic scenario.

For more information

Contact training coordinator Sgt. Aaron Landers at or 217-333-1216.